Tradeline Builders and Marine Ltd

We Build Homes

Tradeline has discovered a stronger way to build new homes. Instead of using 113mm for your internal walls, our system uses only 36mm. It is super strong and impact resistant. This gives you more room inside your house, and lower maintenance costs. 

So what will you do with your extra 6% of floor

Tradeline admittedly is small when compared with some building companies, but we deliver big results just the same. 
Totally NZ Owned and Operated by a apron wearing 3rd Generation Builder. When you build with us, you are speaking to the builder (and his wife) directly about your new home.
We do not need or seek awards and accolades. We let our reputation, testimonials and workmanship tell the story.
So talk to us, we welcome your enquires.
Aaron and Dale Weatherley

Office 09 4595299
279a Port Road

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