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Director of Tradeline has a passion for timber and started working with it as a young boy. Fresh out of trade school, he partnered with his Mum and Dad, Grace and Dennis in 1989. Shortly later he met his wife Dale, and promoted her to Office Manager in 1992.


Contracting to local building companies Aaron and Dennis built up a reputation as being competent and hardworking. During his years in construction Aaron has built for Keith Hay, A1 Homes, Golden Homes, Lockwood and Paramount Homes.


Aaron is the Licensed Building Practitioner and the Tradeline Team are thrilled to be using Metrapanel in Northland. No matter what the project, Aaron is still actively involved, you can be sure you are in good hands. You will even still see Aaron with his tool-belt on, nailing off timber. He very interested in Solar Efficient Homes, unique ideas, and is never fazed by clients coming to him for something outside the box.



In 2002 Aaron bought a derelict fishing vessel called the Aquatic Mist. It was about to be demolished, due to an unfavourable survey report. Many said it could not be repaired, this made Aaron more determined, and in early 2003 FV Aquatic Mist was back in action catching tuna. Many marine surveyors were so impressed with the rebuild, Aaron was invited to give a presentation of his work. Aaron built a brand new 50ft green heart timber keel, by measuring the existing keel on the Aquatic Mist. He then pulled and removed the existing keel out from under the boat. The new keel was pulled under and secured, stringers were replaced and he re-planked the underside of the boat.



Aaron is particularly interested in traditional boat-boating. He has learnt the art of streaming timber, oakum caulking and has used other traditional methods. For many years he has been cabinet-making and refurbishing sea going vessels. Generally all this work is done without plans or drawings.


Aaron requires perfection in all his work, which has had customers coming back over the years, and he is extremely knowledgeable in his trade. He is always happy to discuss your new project.


I am in awe of our cabinetmakers who produce beautiful handcrafted furniture, without drawings in such a tight time frame. They listen to the brief, and voila another happy customer. Dale



About Dale.

Dale completes just about every task for Aaron that involves a keyboard. She was the first Tradeline apprentice, and has been known in desperate times to pull out a hammer to assist. A t-shirt and jeans girl, she is happy enough working among the noise and mess of builders and joiners. Aaron makes sure she keeps up with her training on the weekend with his never-ending construction projects. Initially working in the background at Tradeline, Dale now has the time to take a prominent role in the business.

After working for Aaron for 30 years, she admits she has been fired more than once.



Dale and Aaron have 5 boys ranging from 31 to 16 years.When they are not working, they spend their time on board their yacht, and on terra firma exploring beautiful Northland. Aaron is an amateur beekeeper, and a windsurfer. Dale is a cake artist and gardener.



Tradeline are lucky to have some of the best teamwork on site. They are an eclectic bunch, all with their areas of specialty. Our crew are experienced in all types of civil, marine and construction work., concrete forming, cabinetry, and general repairs.

Their attitude, ability to perform under pressure, and attention to detail sets them apart from all others.




They are Tradelines' best asset.

We listen and care about your needs, whether you are dealing with our SHIPWRIGHT, TRANSPORTABLE HOME OR MAINTENANCE DIVISIONS.

Our Team has centuries of training and skills to assist you with your project.

Tradeline is a family owned and orientated business, with 3 generations on site most days.

Our aim to buy locally and NZ Made, and to build affordable eco sustainable homes for Northlanders.

Everything we complete is done with passion, and integrity.


builder (plural builders)

  • A person who builds or constructs things.
  • (trade) Master artisan, who receives his instructions from the architect, and employs workers.


A person who designs, builds and repairs ships, especially wooden ones

A shipwright is one who builds or repairs ships using whatever materials are available including, but not limited to wood, metal, plastic, and concrete. / A master shipwright is one who has learned to use his skills with precision and is capable of teaching them to others. His knowledge includes mathematics, mechanics, and the use of tool; they also include the application of imagination, ingenuity, creativity, and vision of what can be.

“The great successful men of the world have used their imaginations… they think ahead and create their mental picture, and then go to work materializing that picture in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this a bit and that a bit, but steadily building - steadily building.”

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